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Your Problem With Men

Run Time: 65 minutes

Cast: 2 actresses and 1 actor

Genre: Comedy


Production History: The Spanish version of this play was originally read at Repertorio Espanol, in New York City. The world premiere, in English, was produced by Teatro Luna and directed by Alex Meda. This was the first show written by a male playwright ever produced by the all Latina troupe. This production has traveled from Chicago to New York, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and to Los Angeles, as part of theater festival Encuentro 2014.


Plot: Asún breaks off her engagement because the question wasn’t popped the way she always dreamed – only to be slapped with the dark truth of her loneliness and regret. Berated by her mother, babied by her father, bullied by her sisters, and annoyed by constant appearances by literary heroine, Jane Eyre, Asún begins the darkly funny journey on a road entirely unpaved by the sage advice of yesteryear. An emotional roller coaster that electrifies and torments, “Your Problem With Men'' dissects the contemporary woman’s expectations in a culture still clinging to last century’s visions of love and marriage.

“A comedy just as deliriously messy as a real breakup… What Williams has done is pour all that messy, chaotic, miserable breakup energy into a blender, pulverizing it into something almost camp.”

- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune


“Mischievous… groping for elusive truths.”

– Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader


“If the breakup is the appetizer, the main course of Your Problem with Men is Asun’s struggle with the solitude of being single, which lends a couple of smart monologues to a bottle of tequila and a hilarious delusion of Jane Eyre.  Emilio Willams’ script is a huge asset (…) it takes a story that could easily be a sappy melodrama and turns it into keenly clever experience for the characters and audience members. “

– Lauren W, The L-Stop


“With each of the characters in this play, the audience is invited to wonder if people will ever be satisfied with the love they find, or whether for each to be satisfied in their situation, a redefinition of love is required. (…) a further sense of whimsy for the game that is love—a game we’re us running in circles.”

– Vickie Vértiz, Howlround

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